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Water Pillow Humidifier (Charged w/ Distilled Water) Point-of-Sale Counter Display of 75

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We know you love a good cigar, but sometimes the humidification process can be antiquated. Here at The Cigar Experience we've got a clever solution to your old-fashioned problem: water pillows pre-filled with distilled water to help keep cigars in their peak condition and ready for purchase.

Soak your pillow one time between purchases to maintain optimum humidity levels--it'll last up to one year! Tired of the same old tricks? Try our newfangled tech that's conveniently packaged inside zip lock bags for storage on the go."

Counter Display
1 Pillow Per 5 Cigars
Pre-Charged with Distilled Water
Re-soak in distilled water as needed
75 Ventilated Zip Lock Pouches packed with water absorbing crystals.
Works Great in Zip Lock Cigar Bags
Simply place the entire zip lock pouch into humidor or travel case for quick/easy humidification solution