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USB Rechargeable Blowing Induction Cigarette & Utility Lighter (Gun Metal)

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Want to light your cigarette on a windy day? Arana is the lighter for you. This single arch, pulse-controlled lighter won't be extinguished by today's unpredictable gusts of wind. The flame-less yet powerful design means less scorching and more smoke in your lungs.  It also promises no hazardous fumes or gasoline smells - just a subtle scent of natural gas burning in your enclosed space, giving you the feeling of being at home around an open stove without all that pesky work. Plus USB recharging ensures it'll never run out of juice when you need it most, making this Gun Metal lighter perfect for those spontaneous moments where you can't seem to find anything but lint in your pocket!


Model: Arana
Available in: Gold, Silver and Gun Metal
Single Arch Pulse
No Gas
USB Rechargeable Battery
Connect to PC or DC 5V USB Adapter
Can be charged and discharged 500 times
Press Button for up to 7 seconds to Light Cigarettes
The Perfect Utility Lighter
100 - 300 Sparks per full charge.
Includes USB Charging Cable
Set in Gift Box