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Round Digital Hygrometer / Multi Color Gauge & Calibration (Polished Silver)

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Compensate for the variances in your environment and be on top of what's going on, with this round digital hygrometer/multi color gauge and calibration! With polish like nobody else around (trust us), you're sure to grab everybody's attention.
You'll be able to calibrate before using, so you know it will be accurate.

Change between Fahrenheit/Celsius easily with an easy toggle switch, or set a temperature alarm that alerts you if your desired temperature is not reached by a certain time.

This nifty little product even visually indicates humidity levels through a multi-colored gauge that ranges from green (low) to red (high), all through our high quality lenses in one handy device - super tough

Polished Silver Bezel
Front face diameter: 2.49 inches/63 mm
Back side diameter: 2.29 inches/58mm x .6" Thick
Calibration Feature
Includes Magnet Mounting Set
Displays Temperature & Humidity
Toggle Between Fahrenheit & Celsius
Includes Battery