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Nub Habano by Oliva

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Nub cigars are a novel concept in handmade cigars from Oliva. They have been thought of as 'the core' or essence to each cigar's flavor that is captured immediately when lit and throughout the duration of smoking it.

Nub cigars are a substantial blend that will make you rethink the cigar experience. These specialty cigars were born in an Oliva factory, and one of their makers was hell-bent on proving he could capture the essence - to prove his claim, they nailed it!

Oliva's Nub is a unique cigar that was created to have its best flavor right from the start. Each size of this short and stout cigar has been carefully made so it hits just the right spot in terms of taste, strength, and popularity when you smoke it all at once or gradually over time. Rather than focus on creating an unusual shape for novelty sake like most cigars do these days Oliva took care to make each blend specifically with certain tastes in mind while paying attention to how long they burn as well since not every smoker likes smoking their cigars down too quickly without having another one ready.

What is a Habano cigar? This cigar leaves a smoky aftertaste, with hints of peanuts and baked bread. Spice is present through the nose as it burns down to a rich creamy character throughout. Medium-bodied but still full flavored, this cigar has nuances from heady spice flavors that leave you wanting another puff soon!.

  • Shapes - Gordo, Torpedo
  • Wrapper - Ecuador Habano
  • Origin - Nicaragua
  • Flavored - False
  • Pressed - False
  • Has Tip - No
  • Filler - Nicaraguan
  • Sweet - False

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