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Montecristo White Vintage

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"The most exquisite cigar you'll ever smoke."  That's what they say about Montecristo cigarettes, and it is a claim many people can attest to. The brand has been crafting world class smokes since 1893 when Don Facundo Dragón first produced them in order to honor his father who had recently passed away from cancer. He called this new blend "Montecristo" which means Saint Christopher in Spanish because he felt that would help him market these delicious sticks as not just another product but rather belonging on the same shelf with packaged prayers or religious iconography.

Montecristo White Vintage Cigars

This medium-bodied blend features a US grown Connecticut shade wrapper from 2008 that's rolled in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Peru. The binder dates back to 2007 with all components being aged for at least 6 months before they're used on this exclusive label cigar prized by many aficionados around world as one of best values out there!

Tastes great. Less filling, please!
Makes a perfect smoke for the smoker who wants something light yet full of flavor and aroma that won't overpower their taste buds or nose with an overwhelming amount of nicotine content - Montecristo White Vintage delivers just what you're looking for in this regard; delivering satisfying strokes from head to toe without being too harsh on either side.