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Cohiba Royale

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The king of all cigars is back. For discerning connoisseurs who know a good smoke when they see one, Cohiba has no equal and that's why its rare leaf covers are coveted around the world as much for their beauty as their potent flavors. Carefully crafted blends with precise construction make this brand fly off shelves while exacting quality control standards ensures you get what your money can buy-the best in every sense! With Broadleaf grown exclusively on Hispaniola (today made up mostly by Dominican Republic) putting forth some very beautiful crops worthy enough to call themselves "royal" it seems only fitting that His Majesty would come out again after such an amazing performance last time round - unless we've got another British royalty hiding somewhere.

The Cohiba Royale is a true masterpiece. The leaf has been aged for 5-6 years, smoothing any sharp edges while keeping the strength and spice intact as well heavy full bodied notes of espresso earth leather or dried fruit in every puff! Grab one box today before they're gone.