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Cohiba Connecticut

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The folks at Cohiba have been making some of the most legendary cigars in history, and they had to know that this new Connecticut wrapper would be a hit. When I heard about it for myself after being told by someone else who tried one firsthand (and loved them), there was nothing but excitement on my end because not only does their product always deliver with quality as we expect from them-but something different like what you see here just might become an all time favorite!

The blend for this cigar is a mouthwatering mix of Brazilian Mata Fina, Dominican Olor and Piloto Cubana as well as Nicaraguan Jalapa fillers. But let's be honest it’s the wrapper that caught your eye; don't worry because you deserve every bit of attention! This beautiful golden leaf comes from Ecuador's Los Rios province where farmers grow natural cloud cover for yield with almost imperceptible veins when grown beneath sky-high moisture levels thanks to intensive farming practices like draining off excess water in order to achieve optimal growth conditions between November through April months before drying them out again during May until July upon maturity at which point they're ready for harvest.