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Alec Bradley Caribbean Cask

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Alec Bradley Caribbean Cask Cigars will let you experience the tastes of paradise every day. Having a relaxing evening on your patio with an in-hand Alec Bradley Caribbean Cask cigar can be very soothing, but what if I told you that this one could transport you from your ho-hum place to the shores of the Caribbean where waves lapping at your legs and warm sun shining down? Most people only take few trips once or twice per year; however, these cigars give taste for it anytime anywhere.

Alec Bradley has been cranking out some of the best cigars for years and this new release is no exception. It’s like taking a trip to paradise with each smoke as you enjoy flavors from coconut shavings all over your tongue, juicy fruit notes in its fullest form such as tangerine or even orange extract coming through on occasion too! So make sure not put off any more trips into think about these great-tasting sticks that are perfect whether paired up solo or shared at dinner parties alike when entertaining friends who love good things like food.

Why is the Alec Bradley Caribbean Cask one of our favorite Cigars?

The best way to escape from the stresses of everyday life is with a good cigar. If you want your next smoke taken care of, pick up one or two Alec Bradley Caribbean Cask Cigars and let them take you on an exotic journey through warm Sandusky Bayou - until finally arriving at either Grand Cayman Island or Jamaica’s Port Antonio Resort town where it will be impossible for anyone not wearing straw hatbands (jamaican)to resist getting down n' dirty!
Dare I say that these babies may even make sunbathing more enjoyable?

Alec Bradley Caribbean Cask Cigar Features:

  • Shapes - Churchill, Gordo, Robusto, Toro
  • Wrapper - Connecticut
  • Flavored - False
  • Pressed - False
  • Sweet - False

Additional Detail:

Box of 20