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250 Ct. Acrylic Display Humidor 9 Bins w/ Hygrometer

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This is a humidor for serious cigar aficionados. A 250ct capacity will keep you stocked with enough smokes for days, and the 9 bins let you organize your sticks by size, brand, or any other criteria that strikes your fancy.

The heavy-duty transparent acrylic case makes it easy to see your collection without opening up the lid (no hinges means no worries about spilling smoke of cigars). The humifier vaults will keep them moist and introduce more humidity if they're getting too dry. Keep guests entertained with this genius design that holds an external mount hygrometer on back door - behind clear doors so everyone can dig in!

9 Bin Acrylic Counter Top Display
Rear Door With Lock & Key
External Mount Hygrometer

Name Roosevelt
Finish Clear
Capacity 250 Cigars
Dimension 14" W x 10 1/2" D x 24" H