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25 Count Dark Walnut Lacquer Cigar Humidor

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 You're tired of giving your friends chewed-down, dry cigars. Step up now and give them a high-quality cigar that will enjoy every last puff. You deserve the best, so you should fly higher with our smooth and rich 25 Count Dark Walnut Lacquer Cigar Humidor. With Spanish Cedar lining for protection against moisture damage, this custom-built humidor will hold all your favorites tightly in place as if they were at home on your shelf like a library.

The Spanish cedar is awesome because it's neutral taste won't alter or interfere with the flavor of any cigar inside; leaving a pleasing aroma to fill up every inch until you feel like you've entered a whole new dimension of smoke and spice! Don't settle for anything less!

High Lacquer Deep Mahogany Finish
Internal Locking Hinges
Spanish Cedar Lined
Gold Humidifier
Gold Frame Glass Hygrometer

Name Bellevue
Finish Mahogany
Capacity 25 Cigars
Dimension 10 1/2" W x 7 3/4" D x 2 1/2" H